About ten years ago I moved to Chicago from Oregon to follow a dream and ended up finding the rest of my life. And while I will always be a mountain girl in my bones, I am a Midwest girl in my heart. Now I live in a rural community in far northern Illinois; my mountains exchanged for endless skies I have grown in love with this land and my journey through it.  Thank you for joining me. 

Here is a little bit of me that you may discover here...

a maker...an artist, craftswoman, scavenger, I love the hunt and the find; a writer, a collector and arranger of words; a mess maker and a re-maker.

a historian...I love history and it deeply informs my work in craft and words.

a genealogist...I believe our lives are informed by where and who we come from, whether we knew them or not. 

a (closet) academic...whereby I am (the only) expert on the history and development of Interstate Safety Rest areas, you can find that story here.

a lover of nature...I am a Midwest transplant who grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I will never be free from the call of the mountains, the lure of the Oregon coast and a longing for air so crisp you feel it as an embrace. But I have found profound beauty in the fields and plains of this land, the dramatic changing of seasons that patterns our life, and a horizon so endless it is enveloping.

a mother and wife...I am proud and humbled to be both.

With gratitude,