Monday, December 29, 2014

wash us clean...

The Christmas tree is down and sun is coming through the windows it guarded.

Renewal is flushing in, a new year on our doorstep; welcome you are, wash us clean...
of the parcels we have collected and prepare our arms open, to soar.

With gratitude,

Monday, December 22, 2014

the canoe launch

These days my creative process is mostly about the experience of what I come upon accidentally; conjured together with hope and the willingness to turn down a road I have not driven before.  Often it is a whim that takes me off my path, an urge that just maybe I will discover something…

I had just that experience today.  Less than a mile off a route I travel frequently I found a little turn off that, I discovered, gave access to a canoe launch in the river.  A short drive opened to a small pad of no more than five parking spots and a lovely, lightly wooded parcel of land connecting it to the river’s edge.  I stopped my car and got out in the rain.  

The rain was part of what made this place so inviting, water falling into water, quieting the landscape, replenishing it. 

I stop frequently to take a few quick pictures of the landscape or something in it; I see them as opportunities to step into the natural world, to feel something of it, to glean something from it; to be part of it.

The rain was light and I did not hurry too much.  I walked almost to the launch, stopped and then took pictures in numerous directions from that spot; the water, the land, the trees, the ground.  And then I walked back, satisfied, satisfied, satisfied, that I had followed my urging. 

I do not know for sure if it is my experiencing or my recording, in photographs or words, that is more consequential, but I know that they cannot exist without each other.  And I know that I cannot exist in full without all of it.

With gratitude,