The March of Mid-Summer {Crafted by the Seasons}


As I look over my shoulder I see July both near and distant. Standing firmly in August a sense of accomplishment, wonderment, and exhaustion fill the air. Where has the time gone? It feels as though May was only moments ago.  Continuing to look back I recall a flurry of memories; orders placed, and dishes plated; countless fish seared and pasta rolled; also the company of friends and the comradery that they provide.  One can not do work like this without depending on others. As I anticipated when our doors opened this season my team is capable of great things.  I feel fortunate to be working alongside such ambitious individuals. The phrase long days and quick weeks echoes in my mind. I continue to find rejuvenation in my craft. The space for creativity to exist is inspiring. 

The hotel's garden is now in full production. I still find visiting that place humbling. Twice a week a delivery is made. The contents are the fruits of many labors and endless hours of work. After they’re prepared they provide nutrition, and captivation. Wholesome food is a delight to the senses.

Much like the garden the restaurant is also in full swing. It would seem that they hit their strides simultaneously. Both entities are carried further into the season on the shoulders of those determined to feed the momentum.  Driven by inertia and fueled by creativity the collaboration in our operation is nothing shy of incredible. Surely something this inspiring will continue to be so.



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