Summer {Crafted by the Seasons}

Summer is holding us yet; in her soft grip – July.

Summer is in season they say.  She is bountiful and generous.  She lends us time, minute by minute.  She lends us space.  She lends us the opportunity of places new and those beloved.  She is the solace and satisfaction we seek. 

I happily borrow what summer lends.  She offered me mountains and a lake that stretches out like an ocean.  Family and friendship have been at her table and I am invited; like a sweet reminder, she hints that bounty is also found close.

My grip is not as soft as the one that holds me; I want all of it, to last.  I want to look upon this bounty forever.  But I will follow, as I have before, the path that unfolds at my feet.  And always the offering comes again. 

With gratitude,


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