Open! {Crafted by the Seasons}

Opening night for the kitchen at Hotel Washington was one week ago, with seven days already in the rear view here are a few words of reflection…


The anticipation of new beginnings is a consistent challenge for me.  Like a racecar running laps, so are my expectations and premonitions.  As opening night of the restaurant approached, came, and passed I found myself able to set down the foreshadowing that had colored thoughts. 

Now with a mind free from distraction I am more grounded, determined.  I am sharper, honed by the stresses that once harassed.  I found great joy in being pummeled by familiar sights and sounds of the kitchen; subtle things, such as the clicking of my order printer and the clap of the closing oven door.  Resurrected lingo filled the air: “service, please;” “pickup!”  While we hadn’t worked together in months, no one would be the wiser.  The gears of teamwork turned throughout the night.  The cogs are strong in this machine.  It is with that strength that we push into this season; limited only by our creativity and willingness to pursue it.

It’s going to be a great year.



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