Here in the upper Midwest we anticipate spring moving northward at about 50 miles per week, so traveling last week from the region of the Wisconsin/Illinois boarder to the northern most tip of the Door Peninsula in Wisconsin was like a journey back to late winter.  It was a passage from the promise of Spring's green already being realized to the mere anticipation of it.  But what initially felt barren revealed a sight of the northern landscape that I had not previously experienced.  It was a view of the land through the trees and the silhouettes of trunks and branches rising from it. It was views of the lake that would otherwise be shrouded.  And in between spring and winter we, my mother and I, took our time weaving our way north on Interstate and state highway, stopping at locations planned and spontaneous 

When I looked back at the photos I took over the course of those three days I discovered the progression not just of our journey, but of what was discovered along the way.  Visits to artists environments that I have long anticipated, impromptu offerings of art fodder, and the birth of a new and simple creative journey.  

I think it is when I travel; even short distances, even in short intervals, that I gain the most insight and the most inspiration.

Here's to the journey, great or small!   

The home, studio and art environment of artist Mary Nohl, known as the Witches House, under restoration in Fox Point, Wisconsin

Mary Nohl sculptures protected for restoration

Mary Nohl front yard

An exhibit of select pieces of Nohl's world and work at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Carved Driftwood Sculptures by Mary Nohl at Kohler Arts Center

Concrete sculptures in the James Tellen Woodland Sculpture Garden, Town of Wilson, Wisconsin

Our Lady of Fatima, James Tellen Woodland Sculpture Park

Driving up Highway 42 at sunset, Lake Michigan was like a peaceful ocean

Washington Island Ferry Line

Hi!  {that's us}

The dock at Hotel Washington & Studio, Washington Island, Door County, Wisconsin


My new project #100daysfieldjournal

Morning on the porch at Hotel Washington & Studio

Impromptu Free Art Friday Fodder drop at Washington Island Little Free Library

Impromptu Fodder drop at the Little Free Library at the Blue Horse Beach Cafe in Fish Creek, Door County, Wisconsin  

And as we turned south, a view from the beach in Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek, Door County, Wisconsin

With gratitude,


  1. Really beautiful Jo, so grateful to share the journey❤️


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