free art {Favorite Finds Friday}

What is a find?  Something you discover, or uncover, something new, unexpected, perhaps a thing sought after?  Something longed for or just happened upon.

The work here is a series of six tiny pieces; typed text collaged onto partial book covers.  These pieces happened fast, with no planning and in the face of feeling personally and creatively discouraged.  I made them on a Thursday evening two weeks ago.  My intention was to put all six out the following day for Free Art Friday.  But because of the circumstances of that day, only one piece went out, and I shared the final one today, the other four speckled in between, most not on a Friday. 

I hope they were found and appreciated; but regardless they helped me find and appreciate some bits of me.


I believe in you

You Matter


Be kind (remember that includes to yourself)

You are creative

You are loved

With gratitude,


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