today's discovery

This project for me is about the discovery that spells ART in my life.  Art in many forms and written with many different letters; written in pen and footsteps, dirty hands and flowing tears. 

It is the art of the everyday and the art of the extraordinary; the making, the watching and the seeing.  It is what hangs on the wall and what takes us by surprise on any given afternoon.

It is writing until the switch of inspiration turns over and my heart feels electric again.  It exists at the core of passion and in the kitchen on Tuesday.

Join me in the discovery of the everyday.  In the ART of your life.

In the discovery and adventure of:
What you love.

In the things that are already in arms reach.
The things that make your heart electric. 

The things that make you exhale and breathe in more deeply.
The things that make you think, or give thanks, or make you open your eyes long enough to be surprised.

Discover the beauty in the ordinary, the art you are sitting on or walking through and get your hands dirty with the thing that makes your heart feel fresh.

Walk outside – inside – down your dark hallway at 3:00 am cradling an infant only comforted by your arms – in the shoes of someone you don’t understand – in the shoes of someone you love – in your own shoes – and you will discover…


With gratitude,


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