my kitchen {favorite finds friday}

Ok, so this week's favorite find may be a bit of a thematic stretch but I have two justifications for it.  It is a piggyback on last week's organic farm, and it is in the spirit of seeing things that we look at everyday. So here it kitchen...

There is a kind of day that happens in my kitchen, and it is usually unplanned, that is one of my favorite kind of days.  It is the day when I come home from the grocery or farmers market or farm stand and suddenly the counter tops are full and pots are boiling or the oven temperature is climbing; always a mess is building.  Sometimes my thirty toes are sleeping, sometimes they are crawling under me.  But that day suddenly orbits around what will happen in the kitchen.  It is activity that runs away with me. 

The majority my of days are busy days in the kitchen, I approximate that I spend about 80 percent of my at home time in our kitchen, it is truly the deep heart of our home. Architecturally it sits in the center of the house, open and easily passed through.  It is the place where all aspects of our life come together. 

I am often so busy in this space that I am not really present there; not really seeing what is happening around me.  I am doing many things at one time, a chore, a project, a meal, often eating one and making one at the same time.  I am often rushing, often thinking about 'other' things.   

But it is those times that I find myself carried away by the kitchen that I find myself most present there.  The tasks that have this power are not everyday ones, but the special ones, the ones that create something extra; something that will be frozen for later, something that will be baked and kept aside until the next morning.

I love the preparation of the kitchen, the creating of something that will nourish and satisfy.  I love the mess, I truly love a messy kitchen, for it means that something meaningful happened there. 

I love the dirty hands and the varied smells and a full sink.  I love that I have created something that will feed.  And in the process I am fed.

My kitchen is the place where I am most, I love it when I actually realize I am there. 

I realized this week that I do not always know when I am in the kitchen, for the wish of being elsewhere.  But when that presence of mind comes to me I am truly fulfilled.

And it is that presence that I seek to bring to the daily multitude, the dishes washed and rewashed, the cereal, the banana, the crumbs on the floor.   

So while I relish being carried away by the special tasks, I seek more to part of the everyday ones.  Knowing fully that I may at times or often wish to be else where, but that it is only presence of mind that allows us the true fulfillment of either one.

With gratitude,


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