wondrous tuesday {artist date night}

Two doors and a window, like the choices life offers.

This past week was filled with many experiences, some of them are still festering in my writing mind hoping to come out in some form or another.  But among those many experiences was not an artist date. 

Of course that time with me was in my mind and on my list; but the time I spent in its place was rich with the depth of my own family.
We traveled and we talked.  We spotted pink cars through the window of the moving car.  We spent wonderful time with extended family and visited, for the first time, the final resting place of long passed family now connected through the mere experience of that visit.

These connections are invaluable to me, and through them I feel more connected to me and more sure of what is important; in that way that experience reminds us of our most treasured values. 

So even though I failed in my commitment to me, I triumphed in my commitment to being present and involved in the moments I am moving through.  The choices are continuous, but sometimes saying no is actually saying yes.  And I will try again next week.

With gratitude,


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