I write my favorite quotes on the wall in my bathroom

I am sitting at my kitchen table, pen in hand, taking a time-out to scribble a few words and feeling paralyzed by my inclination to put some creation forward.

I want to mop the floor and make pesto, but I am not in a hurry, there is no must-do list today.

My children are sitting together watching a show, that is alright now.

I am met head on with the resistance this morning.  The fear of 'what if I do' and 'what if I don't' I feel it creeping down my arms and tightening the grip on my pen.

I get up to fill a request for cheese from the refrigerator and return.  I pick up my pen and pause. I don't have an answer --there is no start and stop it is all settling into the process.  The moving between life's requirements and our passions and learning to indulge in the places were they are one.  

The movement of this pen has softened the tension that drove it and I can feel myself settling into the intersection of art and life.

With gratitude,


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