Listening {Tuesday artist date night}

Laying in the grass listening.
It is dark and the trees are moving in the wind.
The grass is cool.
I am entranced by the sound of the trees moving in the wind; swaying in one smooth and powerful motion, a continuous ebb and flow dictated by the movement of moving air.  

When I was a child I lived in a small house surrounded by deep woods and it was this sound that would rock me to sleep and it would frighten me when the wind grew stronger and the sound of it moving in the trees grew louder. Sometimes they would creek also with the motion, and I would grow more afraid. They were clearly more powerful than I.

But tonight, laying in this cool grass, in a place I did not know of all those years ago, fear and power are not my foes, I feel small and comforted by it.  Comforted to know that there are things more powerful than I.  

I let my body relax into the earth beneath me, I tuck a light blanket in around me and listen. 


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