The Beginning


The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.


The action or process of discovering or being discovered

I relish daily discovery.  Not the big things, but the 'my eyes are open' things, the I 'see' where I am things.  The noticing of things that captivate me. 

The things that I love are not always beautiful.  Often they are old, and it is the record of that life showing raw and exposed that I find captivating. 

Discovery has always been the fodder for my artwork.  But I have recently found that discovery is a kind of artwork itself.  It is a process oriented activity.  It is often a spontaneous activity.  It can not be predetermined.  It is of the manmade world and the natural world.

The thing about discovery is that it must be recorded or it is lost.  When I can, I collect items of discovery, I love to rummage, I love the find of something that was once more viable that it is now, and I love the possibility of giving it new life. 

And then there are the discoveries of experience, the places we find ourselves in, the spaces and structures that we travel through and past.  They are collected in the recording of them, in images and words, in the inspirational material they provide for future creations.  And they are recorded in the mind, helping us discover ourselves through the experience of our surroundings. 

It is under the umbrella of discovery that I see the convergence of divergent interests that I have long pondered over bringing together; art, history, the written word. 
This space is to be a studio for discovery. For recording the encounters and the things that are born from them.  For recording the journey, the planned and unplanned.  For recognizing the tidbits and bringing them together.

If you choose to peek into this process here is a little bit of what you may discover...

a artist; craftswoman; scavenger, I love the hunt and the find; a writer, a designer of words; a mess maker and a re-maker

a historian, I love history and my work in art and craft is informed by it

a genealogist, I believe our lives are informed by who and who we came from whether we knew them or not 

a curator, I design exhibits for a small rural transportation museum and through this process I love how art and history come together

a closet academic, whereby I am the United State's only expert on the history of Interstate Safety Rest areas, and I maintain a website on the subject

a lover of nature, I am a Midwest transplant who grew up in the Pacific Northwest, I miss the wilds of the mountains, the profound beauty of the Oregon coast and air so crisp you feel it as an embrace; but I am learning to find beauty in the fields and plains of this new land, the dramatic changes of season that pattern your life; in a landscape that envelopes you

a mother and a wife, I am proud and humbled to be both, they were not my duty, but my choice.  They bring love and frustration, tears of joy and pain. 

Someone who can be serious and quirky, so watch out for both!

With gratitude,


  1. Beautiful Joanna, I love your photos and what you write about. So happy to "discover" you here! xo

  2. great post Joanna, and the photos are inspiring!


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